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Night Vision Goggles

by admin January 2, 2015

One thing that’s a lot of fun with producing a product is learning about new things. One of the major topics I’d like to cover in this blog are all the things I come across that may or may not be used in current or future products. The first one is about night vision goggles which an integral part of our first game!

Night vision goggles allow people to see in the dark or during the night. Night vision goggles work in a variety of ways but the two most popular methods are image intensifiers and infrared illumination.

Image intensifiers work by using a sensitive sensor which is able to gather whatever small amount of light it is able to capture and then amplifying what it capture to produce a picture visible to the human eye. Previously, this was mostly done by using photo-cathodes but more recently, photo-cathodes have been replaced by CCD detectors have on-chip multiplication gain technology that amplifies the image and displays the image.

Infrared illumination works much in the same way as you would be able to see in the dark with a flashlight but only you can see what is illuminated by the flashlight and nobody else. This is because the human eye cannot see infrared light but most CCD detectors can. The images the CCD detectors pick up are then converted into a picture which is visible to the human eye.




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