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Creative Cove Games is dedicated to creating innovative and immersive games to spark the imagination of players of all ages to enjoy. We love how games are able to bring family and friends together to have fun, laugh and create happy and enjoyable memories. We hope that our games bring you as much joy as the ones we have played.

The Team:

Jack Poon; CEO
Jack has always enjoyed playing card and board games and how they brought people together. It was tons of fun to play with family members at holiday parties and also a great way to meet people in college and a fun way to relax with friends, create new memories and new jokes. His background is in mechanical engineering and he hopes to use his experiences from designing and using 3D printers in product development to deliver fun and fascinating games for people of all ages to enjoy.

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Fire & Bone

Fire & Bone creates true-to-life jewelry and collectibles derived from real animal skulls. Taking full advantage of exciting new technologies, like 3D scanning and 3D printing, they create incredibly accurate miniature skull replicas that are highly detailed and faithful to nature’s design.
The team is composed of highly skilled and experienced designers who have previously designed characters, detailed horror dioramas,
produced film and product development. Their backgrounds are in sculpture, 3D modeling, 3D printing, graphic design, and toy design. Fire & bone is very excited to bring their expertise in these fields, coupled with what they have learned about designing and manufacturing miniatures with Fire & Bone, to help design this incredible, innovative new game!
Please visit fireandbone.comĀ  to learn more about the team and check out some of their amazing products.


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  1. ari fox says:


    My name is Ari Fox. I wanted to let you know about Gameacon. Gameacon stands for games and arts conference. It is the promotion and the display of Indie Dev Games. We would love for you to come. All Indie Devs get a free booth space with pipe and drape, table, chairs, electric and wifi. Please let me know if you want to come. To sign up as an Indie Dev sign up here

    Looking forward to possibly seeing you there!
    Ari Fox
    VP of Business Development

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