The rollercoaster ride

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The rollercoaster ride

by admin December 26, 2014

We all have our good days and our bad days.

Running a company and creating a brand new product has been and continues to be a giant roller coaster ride for me. There are days where inspiration strikes me and things look bright and are moving forward smoothly. Other days, all the inspiration and motivation I have hits a brick wall and things look bleak and unsolvable. What gets me through these bleak days are discipline and pride to see things through. I always thought it was inspiration and motivation but I’ve learned that motivation creates that initial momentum that gets things moving and can give that great feeling of acceleration and moving forward but what keeps things going for me to see things through is the discipline to not give up, acknowledge the fear that it may fail, but don’t believe that it will fail and just keep pushing through it. Motivation to continue quickly drops out when I hit a brick wall but then stubbornness  helped me push ahead. Inspiration and motivation are often described as fleeting feelings where I have to wait for the right moment or the right thing to come along and hit me or lift up my spirits but I think when running a company, I need something consistent.

This is a great talk of experiences and “black days” that other entrepreneurs have had.


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