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New parts and our first award!

by Jack December 26, 2015

Happy Holidays to all!

We’ve had a very exciting month between going to the NYC Arcade hosted by The Sheep’s Meow and the NYU Game Center, Playcrafting NYC’s First Annual Awards ceremony as well as receiving new parts from The Game Crafter just before Christmas!

We received great feedback and encouragement at the NYC Arcade. The NYU Game Center is an excellent location with lots of great minds hard at work at the newest games. It’s got a very vibrant and active community with open play tests every Thursday night. We’re going to try and get a dark room there come the new year for some open playtesting!

At the Playcrafting NYC Annual Awards ceremony we got to see some old friends as well as new, many who have given great insight into the development of The Depths of Durangrar and lent a helping hand throughout the development process. We’re very proud and happy to receive the Best Tabletop Game 2015 from Playcrafting NYC. We could not have gotten this far without the help from the entire community.

 PlaycraftingNYC Award

We’re also very excited to start playtesting with new parts from The Game Crafter. The parts look great and we hope will greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of the game as well as the pace and management of gold collection and exploration in the game. The ice cubes and crystals make so much more sense as tokens to represent gold, minerals and gems in the game than the current tokens of different shapes. We hope the new player screens will help as a reference screen and the new cards will replace the current 3D printed walls to make setup and storage a breeze.

New GC Parts


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