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Each explorer specializes in a different ability that is a trademark of their own nation:

The scout: Hails from a nation that prides itself on stealth, assassination and agility.
The scout’s special ability is to have one action point more in addition to what is rolled at the beginning of the scout’s turn.

The knight: Hails from a nation that prides itself on strength, armor and defense.
The knight’s special ability is that any damage taken is reduced by 1.

The demolitionist: Hails from a nation that prides itself on technology, cunning and explosives.
The demolitionist’s special ability is to destroy up to three walls in the maze.


The monsters also have adapted to the treacherous labyrinth to have developed abilities of their own.

The excavator: A rogue machine that now hunts explorers. It is able to cause cave-ins which create temporary walls that trap explorers. Temporary walls have 6 hit points and must be attacked to be destroyed.

The Thresher: A worm beast that is extremely agile that it can burrow beneath or climb over walls. The thresher can climb over walls at the cost of two action points.

The Sentient Fungus: A cunning pack of wolves that can act individually to lure unsuspecting explorers to be ambushed or attack in a pack for a brutal assault.


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