Each explorer aims to collect a minimum amount of gold. First one to collect that amount and get out of the maze alive is the winner. The monster player wins if he has killed all the explorers. The minimum amount of gold is decided unanimously at the beginning of the game. On average a game that ends at 1000 gold lasts about 30 minutes, a 3000 gold game can last 1 to 2 hours and a 5000 game may last 2 to 3 hours.

Explorer’s Actions:

Each player begins with 6 action points (AP). For every 500 gold you are carrying, you lose an action point at the start of your turn. Action points are calculated at the beginning of your turn. You don’t have to spend all of your action points if you suspect going forward will put your life in danger. However, points do not roll over to the next round. Here’s what you can spend your action points on:

Moving: Move one space in any direction that is not blocked by a wall.
Looking: Turn your piece to better illuminate another direction.
Attacking: Attack a target on the same space as you.
Items: Use, discard or destroy an item.
Trade: If you have an item another player needs, you can give it to them for free or trade it for gold, the price is up to you.
Join/Form a party: Team up with another player on the same space as you .  Joining with another player has to be agreed upon by both players.
Splitting: At any point in a party’s turn, one person can declare they are leaving the party and go their own separate way.
Betrayal: If you are in a team, you can betray another person and take half of their gold and split from the party.
Use Ability: Each character has a special ability. You can choose to use the ability at any time it is applicable.
Mine: Gold will be scattered about the maze. If you come across some, feel free to pick it up or move on if it’s not safe.

After completing all your actions, you end your turn by drawing an event card. An event card includes finding gold, buffs or setbacks.

Monster’s Actions:

The monster begins its turn with a consistent amount of action points each turn. The monster is not interested in gold nor does it draw an event card.

The monster’s actions are:

Move: Move 1 space in any legal direction.
Attack: Hit a target on the same space as the monster.
Use ability: Each monster has a special ability it can use at any time.
Deceit: The monster can trick players by bluffing where his or her actual position is by moving his or her hand through the maze but not actually moving the monster piece.

General Rules:

Blocking: All attacks hit, you cannot block an attack.
Enemies: It costs 1 AP to move past a player unless they let you pass. It costs 2 AP to move past the monster.
Attacking: You can only attack the same person once per turn. But you can attack as many different targets as you want each turn.
Resting: You can skip your next turn to recover all your health at the entrance of the cave.
Banking: You may transfer all your gold to your bank at the entrance of the cave.
Death: If you die, all items are discarded and all your gold that you have on you drops on the space on which you died. The gold you have in your bank is safe
Upgrading: You may upgrade any of your stats by 1 point for 1000 gold.


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