Each explorer comes from a different nation. Each of their nations has been at war with each other for decades. The ongoing war has reduced their respective nations to shadows of their former selves. War has destroyed their homes, wrecked their economies and resources have dwindled to such a point that starvation and disease run rampant in every country. And yet the war continues, as each nation now blames each other for the state of things. Rumors have spread of a fabled labyrinth called the Non Grata labyrinth, which is filled with riches greater than the combined wealth of all the warring nations at their peak. Each hero now comes to the labyrinth seeking the wealth to restore their nation to its former glory. Although you are enemies at war, it may benefit you to team up with other explorers to increase your chances of survival against the monster. But what if the other player is thinking of betraying you when the right opportunity presents itself? Can you trust them?

For the monster, these explorers come and go, destroying and mining its home. They bring tools and machines and leave a mess of its home and even fight amongst themselves in the labyrinth creating such a noise and disturbing the monster. After years of lying dormant, the monster is enraged by this noise and has also woken up hungry.


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