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Laser cutting

by Jack January 30, 2015
Laser cutting is a great tool for prototyping and getting things made fast. Laser cutters can cut through many different materials of different thicknesses and can also be used to etch and engrave many surfaces. Want a custom pattern on readmore


by Jack January 28, 2015
Balancing has been an ongoing process for me that’s been very delicate. Its also given me a lot of insight in how hesitant I am to change and how attached I get to some ideas. Even when I am told readmore

New Mechanics

by Jack January 26, 2015
Originally I wanted to game to be fun by exciting players through fear. It’s scary getting chased through a labyrinth but also thrilling. Unfortunately, the first few play tests revealed it was too easy to get out of the labyrinth readmore

A black and white solution

by Jack January 20, 2015
There’s usually many possible ways to solve a problem but they get narrowed down based on other constraints. A few things I have found to solve the issue of using a material or dye that is easy to see under readmore

Second generation prototype

by admin January 16, 2015
So I’ve got a new prototype now with¬† white maze bottom and black walls.¬† It comes out much better on the night vision goggles. Here was a quick test with a Sony Nightcam I had on me. As you can readmore