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First Prototype!

by admin January 8, 2015

I’m currently up to my 3rd prototype which is still going under heavy revisions but I wanted to keep an online journal documenting the design process.

The idea for maze of monsters first hit me after drawing inspiration from the recent horror video game such as amnesia, Slender man, and Dead Space. In many of these games, there is something stalking you, mostly hidden by the dark. And many people also get a thrill from something scary such as horror stories and books. I wanted to create board game that could also give players the same thrill. There’s something about having the people you are playing with right in front of you that creates such a great memory and adds to the experience when you can see and hear their reactions during the game.

So here’s one of the earliest prototypes I made just to try out the concept. I wanted everything to be in black since black is very hard to see in the dark, even if there’s a bit of ambient light. So I modeled something together quick in Solidworks and put it together. Here are the results!

First Character Piece

First character piece

First maze section

first maze prototype 1715
First trial in the dark, it illuminates the walls like I wanted it to without giving away the rest!

First time in the dark


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