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The Depths of Durangrar is a strategic dungeon crawler board game for two to four players, played in the dark. One player takes the role of the monster, and up to three will play as explorers. Explorers use small LEDs to navigate the darkness of the uncharted maze in search of treasure, while the all-seeing monster whose player wears night-vision goggles, seeks to destroy the invaders.


Creative Cove Games is dedicated to creating unique and fun experiences for the whole family that they can enjoy over and over. We greatly enjoy how games give us the opportunity to play to our hearts content, exercise our creativity and work with others.



Our flagship game: The Depths of Durangrar started with the idea of creating a game that excited our players by tapping into their fears and their drive to explore. The Depths of Durangrar is a dungeon crawler board game that is played in the dark. Individual explorer players navigate through a 3D maze. Their individual character pieces light up to illuminate small sections of the labyrinth. Their goal is to find treasure in the maze. The catch is that there is one other player, a monster player, whose goal is to hunt down all the other players. This player is wearing night vision goggles and his or her piece does not light up.

Here’s some photos:

How the board looks like with the lights on:

Gen6 in the light

Here’s what the explorers would see during a game:

Gen6 Player View Dark

And here’s what the monster would see:

Gen6 NV view top