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The evolution of character sheets in the game

by Jack September 30, 2015
I’ve gone through 4 complete overhauls with a lot more corrections in between each of the character sheets to reach what it is now. The purpose of the character sheets is to help players keep track of their stats and readmore

Boston FIG

by Jack September 17, 2015
This past weekend we were up at Boston FIG demoing our game. Boston FIG is a very interesting event thatĀ givesĀ indie game developers a chance to show off their game. The way it works is that developers will send a short readmore

Character Art

by Jack July 25, 2015
I’ve recently gotten a 110 mm scale model of the thresher painted for demo purposes. You can really see all the detail in the thresher. The thresher is a worm-like creature that leaps over walls in the cave to ambush readmore

Making the most of a brainstorming session

by Jack July 22, 2015
I just had a great brainstorming session this past Friday. With good beer and food, the ideas started flowing. But what really made a difference was having all the tools readily available to make the most of this discussion. In readmore

Devising a model of the game Part 2

by Jack May 10, 2015
Eventually I came to using two diagrams that worked together. One was a player decision engine and the other was a pressure map. The player decision engine was a pathway of how the player made decisions from what cues from readmore