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Character Art

by Jack July 25, 2015

I’ve recently gotten a 110 mm scale model of the thresher painted for demo purposes. You can really see all the detail in the thresher.

The thresher is a worm-like creature that leaps over walls in the cave to ambush explorers. I took some inspiration from fantasy movies such as tremors and predator as well as real life inspiration from animals such as the Vietnamese centipede and bobbit worm.

ietnamese Centipede (photo credit: Animal-world)

Bobbit Worm (photo credit: monster fish keepers)

I contacted a good friend of mine to see what he could do with painting the thresher. I wanted to capture a realistic look of what the thresher may look like if it were an animal that adapted to hunt in the dark whose preferred method of hunting is to ambush it’s prey and here’s what he came up with with a step by step of the painting.

IMG_20150712_133209IMG_20150712_130414  IMG_20150712_144032 IMG_20150712_154618 IMG_20150712_152456

For more of Jason Krieger’s work, please visit: and


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